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Here to make a Point

At Point.Med, we provide a wide range of high-quality medical equipment for neurology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, including patient-specific implants. Our goal is to help medical professionals improve patient outcomes with the latest technology and innovation. We ensure fast delivery and direct contact with surgeons to meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Point.Med is Making a Social Impact in the world while providing top medical device products and Services with over 60% of our employees having unique capabilities with ASD.


We supply a range of medical devices and services in each division. 

Here to meet your industry needs for many use cases.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Leveraging our social reponsability, we strive to continue leading and promoting the medical
devices industry. Our extensive knowledge and team experience, as well as our up-to-date,
advanced technology, enables our company to provide products, support and services to clinical teams to enhance wellbeing and quality of life.

At Point.Med our advantage is in employing individuals with Autism
Spectrum Disorder (ASD) since it brings various benefits to our customers. By adding an enhanced customer experience and creating unique perspectives, our company also creates a dynamic, vibrant and lively environment that resonates positively with our customers.
While our business focus is patient safety, quality, and integrity. The core of our culture and a
mission is to be a responsible partner in society leading with integrity toward our employees.
Our customers include HMOs, public hospitals, the Ministry of Health, private health institutions and clinics, as well as private customers.

Doctor with Mammography
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